About the Movement

Warrior Women of Football is a groundbreaking, collaborative, global movement to galvanize women athletes and together tell the stories of the burgeoning global revolution of women in football and the barriers they are breaking around the world.
(Link to project deck)

The Warrior Women movement will consist of:

  1. feature length documentary set in the U.S, France, England, Italy, Brazil and Zanzibar, telling the turbulent stories of female players including the Series da Vila (Mermaids of the Vila), the women’s division of Santos Futebol Clube which gave us Pelé and Neymar, arguably the most famous football players in the world. 
  2. A social impact campaign which in partnership with the global NGO, Coaches Across Continents, will address UN Sustainable Development Global Goals, including Goal #5 Gender Equality.  
  3. An interactive, web-based community platform where girls and women football players from around the world can support each other and tell their stories. 
  4. A dedicated original documentary series highlighting stories chosen from this forum and beyond, as well as other grassroots organizations. 

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